Celibacy is Hard

I’m 32 years old and I’m a virgin. Actually, I’ve never kissed a woman (and I am interested in women). I just signed up on a site called ‘Fuckbook’ (no kidding) not because I was looking for sex, though that’s obviously what the site was designed for, but because I was looking for anonymity. Anonymity can do amazing things, and let’s be honest here: being a 32 year old virgin who’s never kissed a woman is pretty much just embarrassing in today’s world. I’m not celibate and proud… at least not yet. Maybe someday I will be, but right now I’m just celibate.

I want to feel like this:


But most of the time I still feel like this: CELIBACY-inspirmotional

The thing is, I want to have sex. I just want to have sex with a woman who I love, and who loves me enough to marry me before we have it. She hasn’t come along yet, and if I’m being honest (and if you can’t be honest when you’re anonymous then when can you be honest), the older I get, the less likely it all seems. So, there I was, on fuckbook, asking for help with my weirdass celibate life from a forum designed around the idea of hooking up. Make’s so much sense doesn’t it. Then I found out that to do anything more than make a profile with my ‘about me’ section, I had to pay for it. Well… needless to say, that brought me here instead.

I honestly have no idea if I’ll ever update this blog again. I think it’s likely, but you never know. Right now this is the brainchild of a frustrated, sleepless night and I’d really rather just be sleeping, but that doesn’t look likely at the moment.

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