New People

I managed to get all of my grading done today, amazingly considering that I took a four hour break to have a very enjoyable, very interesting, very deep spiritual conversation with two young ladies in the coffee shop that I normally work at. These weren’t strangers (though I did meet someone new tonight), but a couple of people that I met at the bbq I went to on the 4th. Honestly, I’m really not sure how I got all of my grading finished with the great conversations I had. Nonetheless I managed to get it all finished, and I finally got my good computer back, which is nothing short of amazing!

There is nothing quite like a good, deep conversation to get you going, and I had two long ones today (both with women amazingly enough…). I’m honestly not sure that I can explain everything that we talked about, it was all pretty heavy theology and philosophy, but both conversations moved from one topic to another pretty seamlessly. I do remember that a small section of the conversation covered the theology surrounding the ‘once saved always saved’ doctrine (which I reject, I’ll write about that someday), and we talked about natural sin and personal sin and why we all thoroughly suck in ever possible way, which is why we need grace in the first place. It was kind of an awesome conversation.

I also met a new friend (hopefully) today. We’ll call her Sarah… though that isn’t her name. Although… something tells me that I have actually met someone named Sarah recently… mmm… so we’ll call her not-Sarah. Anyway not-Sarah also provided a very enjoyable and very natural conversation. We talked about a lot of topics ranging from C.S. Lewis (who she loves and I hate… well… dislike) to salvation to childhood, to stupid dating decisions, to classical education for children, to jobs and college. Needless to say we talked for a while (hour and a half, maybe two hours). So, in between all of that talking, I managed to get 12 papers graded, discussion boards graded, evil disgruntled students responded to, and a bunch of back rubrics done. I feel like I had a fairly productive day. I also got not-Sarah’s number.

Here’s the thing… I’m not sure what the hell I’m doing here. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to not-Sarah, and I would very much like to talk to her again. However, I’m not convinced that I need to be anything other than single at the moment, and while I’m actually very satisfied being single at the moment, I’m worried that I might fall into old habits. For now, I’m going to let it be a good conversation that hopefully leads to another good conversation, and leave it at that.

I also got a couple of very nice comments today, and while I decided a little while back that I’m not going to post any comments on the blog, I wanted to thank the sender for the encouragement. You know who you are, and I appreciate the kind words… and yes, I am being tongue in cheek… mostly… I do have to admit that I am occasionally thoroughly annoyed at how quickly this blog seems to be gaining followers after I worked so hard to build a following on my professional blog.